Wednesday, May 8, 2013

When you need that extra "kick in the pants."

Hey as long as we are confessing,  I may as well add mine.  Yesterday - I did NOT want to work out.  Seriously - it was ridiculous!!  Do you ever have those days?  Or am I totally alone on that one?  Typically it happens after something completely throws me off my routine for a few days such as, being sick, an injury (like Melaine's), vacation - for me, this time, it was MOVING.  Not only did we move this last weekend, between my 2 youngest girls, we had TEN softball games!!  For those of you familiar with softball - this equates to 20 HOURS of game time!  

In short - as a single mother, this made moving quite challenging and in the end, I was very grateful that I don't own a lot of stuff!

So - what do you do when you need that extra "kick in the pants," to go work out?  I'll share with you what I do - but I would love to hear from you as well. 

1.  Get yourself one of these....

... a GREAT workout partner!!  This is my son, Ashton, he turns 21 this month.  As I was laying in bed, ready to take a nap and going through all the excuses and reasons why I couldn't go work out, he calls me.  It was as if he could read my mind, he asked what I was doing and asked me to go workout with him - like he knew I needed the extra push that day.  I LOVE it when he does this - then he pushes me to do these crazy workouts that I would never do.  If your kids are at the age of driving you crazy, rather than working out - I would suggest thinking of someone that you know, who is really good and very consistent about their own workouts - see if they wouldn't mind some companionship - tell them you need a little help with accountability - or just an extra little push out the door. 

2.  Stimulation - sometimes when I'm just not feeling it, I'll drink a 5 hour or a spark - maybe take some muscle fuel or strength (supplements) to give me that "pumped up" feeling for a workout.  Sometimes -certain music will do it too.

3.  Find a purpose - most people work out with a weight loss purpose, which is fine and all, but when it comes to these really hard days, it's too easy to look in the mirror and say... "yeah - I'm okay with this, I just don't care enough to do it, today."  Find a purpose that is greater than that - for me it's my kids and wanting to be an example to them (more on this later - the POWER of example!!), wanting to keep up with them, not wanting to be a burden to them in the later years of my life (if I can help it). 

4.  Sometimes - we need to look to Nike and just take their advice... "Just DO it!!"   Sometimes - if I tell myself that, over and over and over - it'll push me out the door.

That's it for me - those are my personal tricks - but I'd love to hear yours if you have something different that works for you!

Shine on!



  1. Here's my motivation: you texting me saying you are in my driveway!

  2. Here's my motivation: It's sunny outside and none of my shorts from last summer fit.