Tuesday, May 7, 2013


My husband has been gone the last 2 weekends.
When he is gone and I'm doing it all on my own, we tend to go through a lot of fast food restaurants. 
I always say I won't order anything.
But I do.
The last 2 weekends.
And I always feel like crap after I eat that stuff, so why do I do it?
I kept saying that I'd get back on top of things when my husband gets home.
Excuses, excuses.

Then on Wednesday night at my soccer game, another girl and I collided and both fell.
She fell on top of me, my ankle to be exact.
It twisted and I heard multiple cracks.

Great, just what I need.
A cheeseburger butt and now I can't work out.

I went to the dr. 2 days later, because I hate going to the dr.
A little piece of bone in my ankle had chipped off.
Nothing they could do about it.
Just wait till it heals the dr. said.

Oh joy.
I have a problem sitting still.
I love to run.
I really like to work out, yes, so I can justify those cheeseburgers at McDonalds with the grilled onions and white cheddar cheese.

Anyway, here I sit, and when I walk I hobble.
Hopefully I'll be back to being my normal self soon!

On a positive note, we are the proud owners of 4 new paddle boards!
I can't wait to get out on the lake and work out that way! I bet I could do that with my ankle......



  1. oh noooo! so sorry! hope you heal quickly! :(

  2. Sorry about your ankle. Not as bad as Marianne's spill but still a pain (sorry for the pun). Hope it heals fast. The paddle boards sound fun!

  3. OUCH! You poor thing.. Rest up! And don't worry about those cheeseburgers. Sounds like you eat pretty darn well most of the time (and it pays off-you look amazing!). It all balances out:))))

  4. Bummer about your ankle. So funny you posted this as I was going to ask you if you ever cheat and how often. I do well, then totally sabotage myself. Thanks for the honestly, it's one of the things I find most attractive in a blog!

  5. So sorry to hear about your ankle! I wanted to ask you about the Lose It app that you mentioned in an earlier post. When inputting your food such as cereal, do you also add the milk or does it do that for you? Or when adding a sandwich, does it add the bread and condiments? Just a little confused by that. Thank you so much, this is a great blog!