Friday, May 3, 2013

Keep Moving Forward -

Wherever you are at in your own personal journey with your health, move forward!  A couple weeks ago, I heard this great analogy - it was actually in reference to one's spirituality, but of course I'm going to use it in regards to our health and fitness.  It goes like this...

Have you ever tried to go "up" the "down' escalator?  What happens when you try to do this, but you don't move?  That's right, you go backwards - down the escalator.  Okay -now what happens when you take steady, consistent, steps?  If you are picturing the same thing I am - you pretty much staying in the same place, right??  So... what do you have to do to get to the top?  You are going to have to move a little faster, harder - to get there.

I think this analogy is A LOT like our health and fitness.  If we choose not to do anything, we are going to go backwards - guaranteed.  Our cells literally decay!!  If you do "just enough" you are going to maintain - just treading water.  If you really want to make some progress, reach those goals, you are going to have to move a little faster, push a little harder - put a little more effort into it!  Oh - but I promise, the feeling you get when you reach the top is, AWESOME and worth all the work!  It's not about the way we look (okay maybe a little) but more than that, it's HOW WE FEEL!  

Okay - so there may be some of you that are thinking.... holy crap, if I push any harder, or go any faster, I'm going to either puke or seriously injure myself, and I'm STILL not reaching my goals, I'm STILL going backwards.  If these are your thoughts, I promise  - we will address this issue - you aren't alone in your frustrations. 

If you feel like you are too far gone - too far gone to be helped, this is a quote you need - 

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."

 I hope that Melaine's journey will not only inspire and motivate you, I hope you will realize that you are not alone in what you experience (frustrations included).  We have our good days and bad days - sadly, sometimes weeks.  I know you will be an inspiration and motivation to us as well - because I know we don't want to let you down!

 Shine on!!

 - Carrie 


  1. I am excited to hear your thoughts on why we can still be making no progress although we are working out to the max daily and eating healthy, whole foods at a reduced calorie intake. I am having this problem myself and look forward to more that you have to share ; )

    xo Kristle

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  2. Loved this post. What a great reminder! I needed this today. ❈