Friday, May 3, 2013

~counting calories~

All right, did you all add up how many calories you ate yesterday?
Was that number really high?
It's all about staying full and not feeling like you are depriving yourself while you count calories.
Who wants to feel hungry all the time?
Not me.
Here are some of my favorite foods with high protein content.
{the higher the protein, the longer you will stay full}


I always start my day with a cup of coffee and my favorite creamer.
I don't count the calories in my creamer, I just estimate it's around 100 because I like a lot of it!

After I get the kids off to school I will usually make another cup of coffee with creamer and either have a protein bar, greek yogurt, fresh juicer juice, or cereal with nonfat milk.

Here's a few of my favorites:

These protein bars are the bomb.
Honestly I couldn't live without them.
You will really think you are eating a candy bar, no joke.
And who doesn't eat candy bars for breakfast while trying to lose weight?
I have found these at Walmart and occasionally at Target.
I stock up on them, because I have been known to eat several a day.

Any nonfat greek yogurt is good. 
It's high in protein and usually will have right around 100 calories.

I usually save this cereal for days when I work out because when you add the milk it comes in pretty high on the calorie end. But it is still good, healthy, and high in protein and fiber.


I snack all day long. 
I'm constantly on the go, so I carry snacks with me in my purse.

Here are some of my favorites:

Dark chocolate almonds in the 100 calorie pack.
Again, I have a huge sweet tooth, so therefore I pick the chocolate ones.
They come in all flavors.

I always have water with me. 
I carry a case of it in my car.
Drink, drink, drink.

 If you don't like plain water you can add crystal light for flavor.
If I need a little caffeine I will have a coke zero.
 Or a tall nonfat vanilla latte.


On the go, quick and easy lunches are important for me.

I LOVE Starbucks chicken and hummus plate, I eat it a lot!

Taco time chili is another low cal option, it's high in sodium though.
I eat it occasionally.

I also like breakfast food any time of day and these eggs are sooooo good without the calories.
 Drink that water.


usually another supreme protein or:


If I am on the go or in a hurry I'll grab one of these ready pac salads.
They are so good. I love the asian chicken one, my husband loves the chicken caesar.

If I am cooking I like to make chicken with a couple sides.
Brown rice and edamame are excellent.

And you guessed it, more water.

I try to stick to around 1200 calories a day which isn't much so you have to get clever with your food choices. 
However, if I work out and say burn 300 calories, I get to eat that many more, meaning I would eat 1500 that day. 
Does that make sense? Eat whatever you burn.
Does that motivate you to work out?
The more you work out, the more you get to eat.
It's not rocket science :)

So, try the lose it app again inputting all the new lower calorie choices you eat. 
Lose it has an option now where you can scan the bar code of your food and it puts all the nutritional info in for you.

If you input all your foods including the nutritional info. you should strive to be at right around:

30% protein
15% fat
55% carbs

Have fun!

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  1. Love this new blog! Keep it coming. And, I'd love to hear more about dinner for the family- how to keep it low-cal, please everyone, and something fairly easy to make. Do those dinners even exist! Thanks so much and have a great weekend!