Wednesday, June 5, 2013

~clean out your closet~

Clean it out.
As you start to lose weight, do not hold onto those items that are too big.
~Get rid of them~
Part of the fun of losing weight is buying new clothes. 
If you hold onto your fat jeans it will be too easy to fall back into that lifestyle of not watching what you eat, speaking from experience!
Take your clothes to a consignment store and make some money off of them!
Just a little piece of advice.


  1. I'm still holding onto my maternity clothes for when I need some extra roominess lol. Ps my daughter is 15 months old. Time to take you up on your advice!

  2. When I was trying to lose the baby weight I had what I thought was an unattainablely sized pair of ridiculously expensive designer jeans that I worked my butt off to fit into. The day i finally did...I realized that I didn't even like them and it was too late to return them!! lol!!! This is a great idea Melaine! Don't hold onto the past.

  3. Andrea, get rid of them!!!! Keep one pair just to lounge around the house in, that's what I do. Kate, I don't believe that your teeny tiny body could ever hold a baby :)