Saturday, October 26, 2013

Confessions of a Personal Trainer

Back when Melaine started this blog and asked me if I'd like to be a part of it, I had no idea what was in store for me and the crazy turns that would take place in my life. Since then - I have met an incredibly humble, selfless, sensitive, loving and kind man, fell head over heals in love and married him. We have moved our family out of state and started a new life in Utah. One of the many blessings that has taken place in all of this, is that for the first time in 20 years, I don't HAVE to work. I get to live my dream of being a "stay at home" mom and wife!! And along with this blessing has come a new perspective, appreciation and recognition of how challenging fat loss or weight maintenance can really be!!! 

 Life used to be pretty simple. I would just wake up each day, go to work and the stress of being a single mom providing for my kids and constantly being "on the go," was enough to keep the unwanted pounds off. In fact - I could eat quite a bit and not gain any weight because of how "busy" I was and all the movement I had going on each day. This is NOT the case anymore!! WHAT THE HECK???!! All of a sudden I REALLY need to watch what I eat - and I'm learning that I pretty much stink at it! Those aren't the habits I developed over the years - ugh! Even armed with all the knowledge, understanding and equipment - I'm struggling to be disciplined with my food and exercise. I am having so much fun baking treats and yummy comfort dinners - and I'm stuck in that world of LOVING it and NOT all at the same time. It's done its damage - Lol - recently, I just mailed a pair of my "skinny jeans" to Melaine. Lol - granted I haven't gained so much weight that I need to buy a new wardrobe, that is the direction I'm heading if I don't get a handle on this NOW!! There are a couple pairs of jeans I simply don't fit and a few more that I fit but are not comfortable to wear - I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. 

 So - here we go... need to be more diligent and consistent with the tracking of calories and consistent exercise - need to reach down deep to find the discipline necessary to do this. I wish I could say I'm better than I really am at this - but I'm really not. I've never been the trainer that was all cut with the hard body, spending hours and hours and hours, each day in the gym. I've never been the trainer that thrives on eating only fresh, raw and whole foods (way to difficult to do with kids at home). I've been the trainer that has to share her life with the title and tasks of a mom. I'm a trainer that always strives to keep a balance between work and home. Being a parent - a GOOD mom, was always the 1st priority in my life. I think that is partly what attracted my clients to me - I was realistic about the amount of time that can be dedicated to exercise and knew how to get creative with the schedule and balancing family. Anyway - here it is, my turn, to put my words into TRUE practice - use my own advice for things that were never an issue for me before. This will be fun, right??? Lol - we'll see - 

By the way - for whatever reason, I'm unable to respond to comments - so I may address them in later posts. Will continue to work on figuring that all out. 



  1. Thank you for sharing this--it really makes me understand that it is just "not me" that other women struggle with this too. So....thank you for writing this post!!!

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