Thursday, August 1, 2013


How many of you enjoy kick-starting your day with a little caffeine? I know I do - when you have to get up early and you have kids and no matter how hard you try, you seem to get to bed too late, a little caffeine in the morning is a great way to jump in. Sometimes it feels like the only way to jump in. 


This is my absolute favorite drink and the pink lemonade is my favorite flavor. 

Why I love it....... I love that it's not carbonated. I love that it's chalk full of vitamins and minerals - so it's a healthier alternative to coffee, soda and other energy drinks. I love that I don't get jittery after I drink it - but I feel more focused and can move through my tasks in a more concentrated fashion. I love that it tastes so good - Lol - and I love that because of Spark, I get to see my son more often!! He loves it too - and will randomly stop in all the time for a quick drink and a chat, LOVE that!! 

Spark comes in tons of different flavors - Watermelon,  Mango Strawberry,  Pink Lemonade, Mandarin Orange,  Fruit Punch,  Grape,  Cherry,  Citrus

If you are wanting to try it out - just click on the spark link -  SPARK!! 

Shine on -